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Thorough and Effective Asbestos and Lead Inspection

Exposure to asbestos and lead has been known to cause lung cancer and damage lung tissue. Count on The Cornell Group LLC to not only remove asbestos and lead from your property, but also to test your building materials to ensure they are safe.


You can rely on us to safely discard materials containing asbestos and lead. Our services comply with OSHA and EPA regulations for removal. For new home buyers or for any project or renovation, contact us for asbestos and lead inspections.

Call us and let us check for lead and asbestos levels at the same time:

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The Cornell Group was founded as an asbestos abatement company in 2003, and asbestos abatement remains our trademark service. We remove asbestos at commercial buildings, industrial facilities, military bases, hospitals, power plants, schools, universities, governmental institutions and multifamily dwellings as well as residential structures. Why chose The Cornell Group to complete your asbestos removal project?

  • We are licensed bonded and insured

  • Never failed to complete a project on time or within budget

  • We have over 75 years of combined experience

  • We have NEVER had a regulatory violation or OSHA citation

  • We have never had a lien or bond claimed against us

  • We are able to bond your project and  have exceptional insurance coverage should a claim arise

  • NEVER found at fault for contamination through the course of our abatement work

  • We only use State-of-the-are industry equipment, means and methods to complete our projects

  • We pride ourselves with the quality of work we perform and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.  Your safety and satisfaction is our main priority

  • We do not have a high turn over rate of employees unlike most companies in our industry

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY we have one of the best safety records when if comes to asbestos abatement industry.  At the end of the day we want all our employees to return home to their families safely.

Asbestos abatement completed by The Cornell Group is performed in accordance with the standards and requirements of the state of Virginia, EPA, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).


Asbestos is often found in many structures built prior 1980. It is discovered during renovation, remodeling, or even natural disasters. Asbestos is a natural occuring mineral which is refined and placed into many building materials or even auto and mechanical parts. Asbestos does not typically burn and do not conduct heat or electricity so it’s used for making fireproof materials, electrical insulation, roofing, filters, and long list of other items.

The Cornell Group has experience and is accredited  in testing and removal of: Vinyl asbestos tile, linoleum, vinyl sheet goods, transite pipe, transite siding, transite roofing, duct work and its insulation, stucco matierals, texture coated drywall, drywall mud,  acoustic ceiling, popcorn ceiling finishes, plaster and  lath,  fireproofing, mastics, pipe covering insulations,  and so many other products its impossible to list them all.

Lead Paint Inspection and Lead Paint Remediation Services

Lead-based paint was typically used from the 1920s til around 1980 on interior and exterior residential surfaces, furniture, industrial applications, ships, and even toys. It was banned in 1978 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission but still used as stock ran out.


About 50 million homes or around 40% of the nation's housing contains lead-paint. It’s a threat that is unseen for children and others. Simple remodeling dust can be poisonous to children or other occupants after the renovation work is completed. In 2006, the EPA proposed new regulations. These new rules apply to all renovations, including paint removal, demolition, window replacement, and heating ductwork repairs. Be sure that any contractor is certified to perform renovations that include lead-based paint.

Homes containing deteriorating lead-based paint are a health threat, especially to children under five. When lead-based paint on any surface is sanded or scraped, it breaks into tiny, sometimes invisible pieces that children can swallow or inhale. Individuals can ingest dust and soil contaminated with lead from paint that flakes or chalks as it ages. Lead dust can settle on floors, walls, furniture and especially window sills and wells.


If you are concerned about lead paint in your home, you should have it tested. The Cornell Group offers lead paint testing or inspection services to determine the extent of your problem and sometimes contamination.


The Cornell Group is an EPA accredited and state of Virginia licensed Lead Abatement Contractor providing nationwide lead-based paint (LBP) abatement, lead-based paint stabilization and sometimes even soil remediation services.  Our projects are performed in strict accordance with applicable local, state, and federal regulations.  The Cornell Groups mission is to ensure the health and safety of every client, employee, building occupant, resident, and to preserve their environment.  Our team of experienced industry professionals that have a proven track record of solving lead hazard problems for Property Owners and Management firms, 203(k) FHA Mortgage Banks, Facility Managers, Community Development Corporations, HUD Asset Managers, Prime General Contractors and Commercial Real Estate Developers including Military Bases and Veteran’s Hospitals.