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Complete and Safe Demolition Services

Trust The Cornell Group LLC for innovative solutions to unique renovation problems. These structures include historical buildings, apartment complexes, military buildings, aircraft hangers, airports, healthcare buildings and business offices.


Your available options at FAIR and COMPETITIVE prices include complete gut-outs or intricate demolitions, where we will take out partial walls or a single room.

Selective, Interior, and Whole Structure Demolition

The Cornell Group has highly trained and qualified employees with extensive experience and state-of-the-art equipment to meet your specific needs and ensure a best value while protecting the environment.  All demolition debris from our projects gets recycled to the greatest extent feasibly possible and any funds recovered by recycling are deducted from the total cost of the project ultimately saving the owner significant money.  This may be surprising to some but much of the waste generated during our demolition work is used to construct new roads, is fill for new construction or might go into making new concrete, cinder blocks or bricks.


We pride ourselves in environmentally friendly state of the art methods to reduce filling our landfills with debris or waste that should be recycled all the while protecting our environment for future generations.   We welcome the opportunity to provide you with a cost-effective, timely solution for your next project.

Take advantage of our 50 years of combined experience.

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For renovation projects, we are your most reliable choice in the South East Virginia area.  The Cornell Group works regularly with contractors and individuals to deliver rapid and safe interior demolition services. When we finish our project, our clients are left with a secure structure that provides a solid foundation for the next phase of work which is usually the new build out.


Our interior demolition employees have extensive experience and are knowledgeable about the unique structural conditions of a wide variety of facilities, including but not limited to:

Interior demolition

  • High rise buildings

  • Retail and lease space

  • Multi-family dwellings

  • Schools and universities

  • Hospitals or other medical facilities

  • SCIF (Classified/Top-secret) areas

  • Government Buildings

  • Department of Transportation

  • Historic buildings or structures

We can perform a complete range of select demolition services. From the select removal of specific items within your building, such as

Selective demolition

  • Complete interior gut-out of an entire building leaving perimeter walls and load bearing items

  • Flooring, ceilings, walls and mechanical, electrical and plumbing items (all or partial)

  • Cutting and removing portions of  concrete slabs, walls, ceilings and even bank vaults

  • Concrete sawing and breaking

  • Demolition and removal of canopies or mezzanines

  • Hand separation of recycables, demolition and removal of portions of a remaining structure